• Masayoshi Hazama

    Toshiki Masuda


    A male fashion model. Growing up with his grandfather who was a big fan of tokusatsu (SFX), he also began idolizing
    tokusatsu superheroes at a very young age.
    He was finally able to debut as the new "Samurai Flamenco," a hero his grandfather came up with.
    He will give a blow to the world's evil with his own

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  • Hidenori Goto

    Tomokazu Sugita


    A police officer working at the town's branch office.
    He is a very diligent officer when he is on duty, but he
    doesn't necessarily demonstrate a strong sense of justice
    and is a very ordinary man in private. One day, out of shear coincidence he finds out that Masayoshi is
    "Samurai Flamenco." Since then, his life has become very
    out of the ordinary.

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  • Mari Maya

    Haruka Tomatsu


    She is the main member of the Idol Group, "Mineral
    ★ Miracle★Muse" who usually writes and composes the
    music. She treats everybody equally, and creates a nice
    cheerful atmosphere with her positive personality.

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  • Mizuki Misawa



    The leader of the idol group, "Mineral★Miracle★Muse."
    Originally from the western part of Japan.
    She is a mature person who guides and takes good care of
    the other members with her leadership.

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  • Moe Morita

    Erii Yamazaki


    A member of the idol group, "Mineral★Miracle★Muse."
    She is a high school student with a very reserved and
    laid-back personality. Her English pronunciation is strangely very good.

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  • Joji Kaname

    Jurota Kosugi


    He was the actor who played the main superhero in a very
    popular superhero program called "Red Axe."
    He apparently travels all over the world.

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  • Jun Harazuka

    Toru Ohkawa


    A middle-aged man working for the R&D division of a large
    stationary company called Monsters Stationary.

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  • Sumi Ishihara

    Chie Nakamura


    An "A-class" manager working for a talent production agency called Caesar Pro. She works very hard to promote
    Masayoshi and make him popular.

    Sumi Ishihara Face
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    Sumi Ishihara Proportion 3
  • Akira Konno

    Akira Konno


    He manages the internet news site called
    "HIGH ROLLERS HI!" He is very interested in Samurai
    Flamenco and is trying his best to find out his true identity.

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  • Soichi Aoshima

    Shotaro Morikubo


    A young man who works as Kaname's assistant.
    He is a very honest and passionate man.

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  • Anji Kuroki



    A young man who was formally a mercenary.
    He specializes in weaponry.

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    Anji Kuroki Proportion 3
  • Hekiru Midorikawa

    Toshiyuki Toyonaga


    A law student studying for the bar exam.
    He is always cool and collected.

    Hekiru Midorikawa Face
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  • Sakura Momoi

    Yukari Tamura


    A woman with beautiful long hair.
    She wholeheartedly lives for love.

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