#22Samurai Flamenco Naked!

Samurai Flamenco Naked!
Hideyuki Kurata
Eiji Suganuma
Episode Director
Takahiro Omori, Inuo Inukawa
Art Director
Manabu Nii
Akio Hasegawa
Yamanaka Masahiro
Masaki Takasaka
Toshie Kawamura

A single gunshot echoes through the air. Masayoshi hurries toward Goto who is held hostage by Haiji.
Masayoshi who wished so strongly to become a hero, Goto who continued to keep his promise with
his girlfriend, and Haiji who purely desired to become evil in order to prove his existence to the
world… What did these men see beyond their goals? The story of “Samurai Flamenco” has finally
reached its climax!