#21Teach Me to Love

Teach Me to Love
Hideyuki Kurata
Katsumi Teratou, Waiichi Yuuda
Episode Director
Michita Shiroishi
Art Director
Masaiku Tayori
Katsuhiro Kumagai
Kazuyuki Igai
Hitomi Hasegawa
Shunryo Yamamura

Masayoshi wonders if the only way to stop Haiji is for him to disappear…With so many incidents
occurring one after the other, and with his relationship with Goto suffering, Masayoshi can’t help but
to feel overwhelmed. With a heavy heart, Masayoshi continues to search for Haiji but he is once again thwarted. Meanwhile, Goto was also feeling confused about the situation. While the two of them
wavered, Haiji was ready for another attack…