#17Ultimate Prime Minister

Ultimate Prime Minister
Atsushi Wakbayashi
Episode Director
Yusuke Onoda
Art Director
Yuji Hakamada
Akane Umezu
Hitomi Hasegawa
Sayaka Ikeda
Naoaki Hojou

Masayoshi had no choice but to finally depend on Goto for help. Even though Masayoshi was now on
Japan’s Most Wanted List, Goto was still willing to help him. Masayoshi was relieved but there was no time for them to waste. A new enemy was on Masayoshi’s trail. Just when the two of them thought
they were cornered, a familiar ally comes to their rescue. Why was the Prime Minister trying to
deceive the public and blame the Flamengers of the recent incidents?! Masayoshi decides to infiltrate
the National Diet Building.