#13The Night Before the Battle

Night Before the Battle
Hideyuki Kurata
Eiji Suganuma
Episode Director
Yusuke Onoda
Art Director
Toshie Kawamura
Manabu Nii
Masaki Kosaka
Akio Hasegawa
Naoaki Hojo

The Flamengers were awarded the honorable National Hero Award and has become the source of
hope for all the citizens of Japan. They continued to stand up against the evils of From Beyond, but
one day, the monsters suddenly disappeared. The Flamengers were not yet convinced that
From Beyond has given up on taking over Japan. Masayoshi and the Flamengers had a feeling that
this was a sign that From Beyond was preparing for an all-out attack. The Flamengers planned for a
counter-attack, but they had to face some unexpected obstacles...