#12Documentary! These are the Flamengers!!

Documentary! These are the Flamengers!!
Yoshimitsu Ohashi
Episode Director
Yasuhito Nishikata
Art Director
Katsuhiro Kumagai
Shunryo Yamamura
Kumiko Takayanagi
Masahiro Yamanaka
Yukinori Umetsu

Joji turned out to be the chief of the Samurai Base, a Counter-Secret Organization Agency to fight the evil From Beyond. Masayoshi is recruited to become part of the Samurai Squad Flamengers to fight
From Beyond along with his fellow members Soichi, Hekiru, Anji, and Sakura. But, with each of their
goals and personalities so different from one another, the members struggle to fight as a team. As
they continue to battle the monsters, Masayoshi feels concerned about his position as the leader.