#08Attack of the Army of Evil!

Attack of the Army of Evil!
Storyboard/Episode Director
Futoshi Higashide
Art Director
Takaaki Wada
Shunryo Yamamura

With the appearance of the mysterious figure who calls himself “King Torture,” the whole country of
Japan is in a panic. Their demands were for the Japanese government's unconditional surrender and
the enslavement of all the citizens of Japan. Members of the police force who have lost their comrades swore to capture King Torture at any cost. Fighting evil which threaten the peace of the world...this
was the image of a hero Masayoshi dreamed of for ages! Now, Masayoshi will put his worries aside
and come to face King Torture and his Army of Evil with the help of the police, Harazuka, and the
“Flamenco Girls.”